Where, Oh Where, Are Nina’s Heirs? Part I: Jules Schmidt

When Mark Twain’s granddaughter Nina Clemens Gabrilowitsch wrote her will, she left small monthly annuities to four friends.

One of those four was Jules Schmidt. From a letter in the collection of the Mark Twain House in Hartford, CT, we know that Jules was an actor and friend of Nina’s. Nina was, apparently, no fan of Jules wife, per the letter! The letter implies that he had at least two children.

Are there any serious old film junkies out there who might recognize Jules Schmit as a bit actor in Hollywood in the 1940’s and 1950s?  Or is there anyone related to this fellow out there?  I would guess that he was born circa 1910 as he appears to be about Nina’s age.  It seems likley that Nina wrote addtional letters to Jules and we would love to see them!


2 Responses to Where, Oh Where, Are Nina’s Heirs? Part I: Jules Schmidt

  1. Brian D. Schmidt says:

    Very interesting. Just looked up Nina Clemens for the first time today and what a shock to see my fathers name. To make a correction, his real name was Julius Walter Schmidt. His stage name was John Morny. He was married to my mother, Maria and had three children, named Brian, Maria and Rachel. He was a long time close friend of Nina Clemens as was I. He was an actor but not in Hollywood. He acted on the stage in New York. One play that comes to mind was Darkness At Noon withEdward G. Robinson. He never really made it as an actor and died in the same manner as Nina in the late 60s.

  2. admin says:


    I can’t beleive I never saw this post from you in the first place but foudn you another way. I will email you more privately.