Lesson Reviews: Lesson 1

Inspired by the movie “Julie and Julia” where Julie decided to cook her way through an entire Julia Childs’ cookbook, I have decided to work my way through the various online genealogy lessons available and:

1)  Give my candid opinion on their usefulness

2) Cover at least one good tip from the lesson

3) Tell you how long it took me to get through the lesson

So here we go!  I will start with the free series available from  If you want to enroll along with me, I’ll welcome your comments as well!  Go to to see the lessons.


Lesson 1: Mapping the Course and Equipment for the Hunt

Opinion:  Very basic as it was intended to be.  There are a several links to side articles that can have you doing lessons within lessons.  As an example, there was a link that sent you to an article about mapping that was pretty interesting except that some of the links were broken.  Another link led to an article about citing sources that I thought might be overwhelming to a newbie reading the lesson.  Lesson presentation was visually boring and could use some sexing up.

Best Tip: Telling new family history enthusiasts to use a Researcher Planner.  OK, I admit that I don’t do this, but I know I should!  The sample they provided wasn’t very impressive though. DOES ANYONE HAVE SUGGESTIONS FOR A GOOD SOURCE FOR A RESEARCH PLAN SHEET?

Time to Complete Lesson:  About 15 minutes but time will really vary depending on how many of the side links you chase down.  Maybe you will just want to bookmark some of them (like the article oan Maps) and go back to those later. 

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