Custom Research

Are you stuck on a particular research topic?

Are there just one or two “problem” ancestors that you need help to research?

Would you like to continue research past the five generations in your Family Tree Package?

At Ancestry Helper, we are here to help! We offer family history research on an hourly basis. You can order as many or as few hours as you feel you need. We generally suggest you sign up for two to five hours to get started and we will update you if additional funds are needed. Don’t worry… you only authorize as much as you feel you need, and if we determine your need is a specialized one that we don’t handle, we will simply refund your credit card! So what do you have to lose? Maybe we can finally find great-grandpa Whosit for you!

Ancestry Helper is a Michigan based corporation so we are particularly strong in Michigan based and Dutch research but will tackle any problem except adoption research, Native American tribal proof work, and certain overseas research.

To order Hourly Custom Research, if you wish to pay by check, please send a check or money order for the number of hours you wish to purchase at $40 per hour to the address shown on the Contact page. You may also pay by credit card by clicking the Add To Cart button below and you will be directed to a secure website for payment.

Price: $40.00/Hr.


Family History Testimonials

“Deb did a family history that I gave my parents as a Christmas gift in 2009. They loved it and still trot it out at every family gathering.” Blair Bowman President, Suburban Collection Showplace, Novi, MI

“Deb went above and beyond to research my family, including having a contact in Italy do additional research. She was a true pleasure to work with.” Andrea, Troy, MI

“Exceptional work and thoroughness. We would highly recommend Deb to anyone looking for a exemplary professional.” Steve and Linda, Mesa, AZ