Family Tree Package

Would you love to have a family tree done, but don’t have the time to dive in and do one yourself? Or perhaps you have the time, but don’t know where to begin?

Ancestry Helper to the rescue! We can research and produce a five generation family tree for you, i.e. this research will follow your ancestors back through your great-great grandparents. **

Upon receipt of an order, we will begin by e-mailing you a standard questionnaire to get us started and then we will be off and running with our research! We may e-mail additional questions as research progresses.

What will you get when our research is complete?

Utilizing Family Tree Maker® format (our favorite software!), we will create the following:

  1. Material presented in a three-ring view binder with all material inside in sheet protectors. This allows you to readily pull sheets out to make copies for other family members while protecting the sheets
  2. A Family Tree with dates and places of birth, marriage and death (as far as found) for each ancestor including you, your parents, grandparents, great grandparents, and great-great grandparents and their spouses and the same information for your children and their spouses
  3. Names of siblings of each ancestor above and siblings’ spouses (as far as found)
  4. A Genealogy Report setting forth the information in narrative form with notes about such things as residences and occupation of your ancestors, place of burial, and other facts found
  5. Copies of other material found in research such as census records, obituaries, immigration, and summary military records for your ancestors
  6. A list of suggested places to continue your research.

To order the Family Tree Package, if you wish to pay by check, please send a check or money order for $1600 to the address shown on the Contact page. You may also pay by credit card by clicking the Add To Cart button below and you will be directed to a secure website for payment.

Price: $1600.00

Additional Copies

Additional copies of the Family Tree Package may be purchased at $125.00 each. You may pay by check as above or utilize the Add To Cart button below to pay by credit card.

Price: $125.00

Additional copies of each package may also be purchased.

** NOTE: Ancestry Helper does not perform adoption research or assist with proving Native American ancestry for tribal purposes. Also, our overseas resources are limited in many countries so if you are a recent arrival to the United States, please contact us before ordering this service.

Family History Testimonials

“Deb did a family history that I gave my parents as a Christmas gift in 2009. They loved it and still trot it out at every family gathering.” Blair Bowman President, Suburban Collection Showplace, Novi, MI

“Deb went above and beyond to research my family, including having a contact in Italy do additional research. She was a true pleasure to work with.” Andrea, Troy, MI

“Exceptional work and thoroughness. We would highly recommend Deb to anyone looking for a exemplary professional.” Steve and Linda, Mesa, AZ