Rescued Photos

Isn’t it sad when you are browsing in an antique store or at a garage sale or auction and find identified photos that someone let slip out of the family?

From time to time, we can’t resist “rescuing” such photos. We will use this page to display a few and let you know what the back stamp and identification state. If you think the person shown could be your relative, tell us how you connect and we’ll send you the photo! It would be great to “reunite” these lost souls with their family!

Grandpa and Grandma
Zachau Hammond IN
Phoebe Le Graff Manistee MI


Family History Testimonials

“Deb did a family history that I gave my parents as a Christmas gift in 2009. They loved it and still trot it out at every family gathering.” Blair Bowman President, Suburban Collection Showplace, Novi, MI

“Deb went above and beyond to research my family, including having a contact in Italy do additional research. She was a true pleasure to work with.” Andrea, Troy, MI

“Exceptional work and thoroughness. We would highly recommend Deb to anyone looking for a exemplary professional.” Steve and Linda, Mesa, AZ