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A Journey of Discovery


You’ve worked hard to get where you are.  Now let’s find out where you come from! 


We all secretly harbor a desire to find someone unusual in our past, whether It's someone  famous (a king,  a rich relative) or someone infamous (a horse  thief, a witch). Of course, the vast majority of our  ancestors were ordinary folks who led useful lives and left behind some  echo in the people we are today. 

Professional Help


Owner Deborah Gosselin's experience in genealogical research spans more than thirty years.

She served as a consultant to Ancestry.com's Hire An Expert Service, worked for  a firm that locates heirs to settle estates, and has been serving clients through Ancestry Helper for over a decade. She also did volunteer research in a hospice facility to assist families with the grieving process.

Let's Build Your Tree!


Let  a researcher with over 40 years of experience help you in your quest 

to unearth the secrets of your past. 


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